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First Love

January 15, 2014 — Leave a comment

Lord, You are my first love.

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Unbranding The Church

This article was originally published by Gene Mason over at right here…

I have been allowed to serve in a ministry promotion role in the local church for two decades, focusing on print and online media, video and broadcast, copywriting, press relations and advertising–all the tools of the marketing arsenal. So it may come as a surprise for me of all people to say that there is no such thing as church marketing. But this is a learned and considered statement that I believe is important for leaders in the North American evangelical church to come to grips with and understand. Continue Reading…

Experiencing God Day by Day is our 2012 devotional guide. I totally promise that this purchase will be the very best $10-$12 you will ever spend. It’s a great investment into your spiritual life that will repay you over and over again! Continue Reading…

Psalm 119:35

“Direct me in the path of Your commands, for there I find delight.” NIV Continue Reading…


Crushing 2012!

‎”Back To The Basics” will be our new series for the next several weeks on Sunday nights @ 6:30 p.m. We’ll be studying the basics & “how-to” of following Jesus:

  • How to read your Bible.
  • How to spend time alone with God.
  • How to have a better conversation with God.
  • How to interpret what the Bible says & why it matters.
  • The Beatitudes (huh?).
  • Stories Jesus told (Parables).
  • Stuff Jesus said (Sermon on The Mount & other teachings).
  • Things Jesus did (Becoming like Jesus).
  • And plenty more…

Each week will build on the previous week’s teaching so do your best not to miss. (But if you do, we’ll post the notes here).

Invite a new friend from Lone Star College and let’s go back to the basics…