First Love

January 15, 2014 — Leave a comment
First Love |

Lord, You are my first love.


There are so many things that compete with You. So many thoughts, feelings, actions, desires that compel me away from Your love. My heart is so fickle and is too often easily satisfied with man-made substitutes. I’ve tested this and I have seen this reality. Yet, again and again I am pulled. Compelled to wander far from You.

Yet, deep in my heart I know. I know the truth. No matter how I give in or how far I wander, my heart still knows. It knows. You are my first love.

I have been purchased and I am not my own. I have no rights to direct my life. My heart was won & paid for, it is not my own. It is Yours. Your blood sealed the purchase and I am Yours. I am not my own. I am Yours.

No matter what others say. No matter what my fickle heart yearns for. No matter my secret and open desires. My heart is Yours. You are my first love.

Keep me close to You. Let me hear Your Words. Don’t let me wander far from You. Keep me by Your side. Your Words, Your love…they satisfy me far better than anything else. Anything else. I’ve experienced Your goodness. Your faithfulness. Your kindness. Your deep deep love. I can’t fathom why You love me so.

Why did You die for me? Why did You take my punishment? Why do You still love me? After all I’ve done? How can You love me?

You are my first love.

I will walk with You. I will stay close to You. I will live like You. I will listen to You and savor Your Words. I will cherish Your words in my heart, and never forget. I will do what You say and I will obey Your Words. I will love You above everything else…even my life and my opinions.

I want to see You. I want to hear You. Please stay close so I can’t wander off. Your Words light my path. They give me reason to live. To sing. To love others.

Keep me close. I will follow You. I will obey You.

I am weak and easily overcome. I am stubborn and easily seduced. Keep me close. Because no matter what happens.

You are my first love.


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